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The Shifting Spectrum of Human Emotion | April 18, 2016

"We’re in a period of human history that is a profound turning point in our evolution. And much like how politics and business has radically altered, so to has the way we humans experience connection, intimacy, emotions, and relationships. This is the focal point of The Skin Deep."

The power of Receiving: Releasing the Window Series | January 19, 2017

"Consider this for a moment: your soul is not ‘you.’ Rather, it’s the impact you’ve had on those around you. You are a reflection in the eyes of others, a feeling in the hearts of the people you share your time with. What if that is who you are?"

The future of media is COntent That is Alive | March 23, 2017

"Every piece of content humanity has created to date, every painting, movie, album, even monument to the gods, was and is dead. All of it. But now for the first time we are creating content that is ALIVE."

Photo by  Adhat Campos

Photo by Adhat Campos

How to Give the Best AdvicE : Building the Global Catalogue of human Relationships | October 6, 2016

Fact: The quality of advice is directly proportional to the amount of life experiences you have access to. 
Think about the last time you gave someone advice. What did you tell them? Why did you give them that bit of guidance? And how do you know that that counsel even works? 

THe reason for the pain is healthy | February 2, 2018

"The question now isn’t “What do I have?” which is the masculine oriented perception. The question today has become “What do I have access to?” and THAT is the feminine energy orientation."

Q&A: Topaz Adizes of The Skin DeeP: Building a catalogue of human connection in the digital age | January 11, 2018

"As the nature of relationships and interaction changes at a rapid pace, I believe it is essential that we bring attention to this transformation so that we can choose how it is we want to connect with ourselves and others. The old cinema formats aren’t effective in that regard. Digital technologies offer us a new opportunity to engage with one another in, believe it or not, more profound ways. At The Skin Deep we’re looking into how interactive design and digital technology can be used to help catalogue, facilitate, and bring awareness to this historical shift."