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Radio New Zealand | oCtober 29, 2017

Right now there's all sorts of discussion about communication, business and personal relationships in the Digital Age. Is everything going to be on-line from now on, or will there still be room for some old-fashioned one-on-one face-time? One person to ask is director and entrepreneur Topaz Adizes, recently named as one of the newest Edmund Hillary Fellows for entrepreneurs.

CBS this MORNING | August 7, 2014

"The And" displays complicated truths of couples and relationships. CBS This Morning hosts Gayle King, Charlie Rose, and Norah O'Donnell interview Topaz Adizes and Nathan Phillips regarding the interactive documentary. 

Today Show | June 7, 2017

Millennial Misconceptions on relationships with Al Roker

This week TODAY teamed up with Greatist to find out what millennials are really like. These young adults are passionately changing the landscape of our workplaces, looking to make an impact and to be inspired by their work. And, they are the generation that has come of dating age during the "Tinder apocalypse" — swiping for love.

Our "Millennial Misconceptions" series — in which we teamed with website Greatist to survey nearly 4,000 millennials — concludes with a look at how the generation handles love and communication. We joined forces with The Skin Deep to explore human connection in the digital age.

Ondi Timoner hosting BYOD | {THE AND} Interview with Topaz Adizes 2015

THE AND is an interactive documentary that explores relationships across a wide scope of society, and then invites the watcher to essentially create their own cut of the short film based on their personality. What do sex, cheating, money, and communication mean to us, and what do we expect from our partners? We see the trailer, and explore the very personal concept with director Topaz Adizes in this full length, uncensored BYOD, hosted by Ondi Timoner.

The New Yorker | {THE AND} Marcela & Rock

"We’re trying something new on newyorker.com: we’re launching The Screening Room, an online space where we can watch short films and react to them. I’m a little wary of saying too much about our first short, “Marcela & Rock,” because it contains twists and turns that I don’t want to spoil." 

World Press Photo Jury | {THE AND} Best Interactive Documentary 2015

{The And} was awarded in the Interactive Documentary category of the 2015 Multimedia Contest. In this video, the jury members explain what made this interactive documentary stand out.

World Press Photo Interview | {THE AND} Winner interactive Documentary 2015

2015 prizewinners Topaz Adizes & Nathan Phillips talk about their interactive documentary {The And}

World Press pHoto Jury | The Dig Winner of Immersive Storytelling 2017 

Jury chair Katerina Cizek, artistic director MIT Open Documentary Lab, explains why The Dig won first prize in the Immersive Storytelling category of the 2017 Digital Storytelling Contest.

World Press Photo Interview | THE DIG Winner of Immersive Storytelling 2017

"We created an opportunity for the user to pursue a self reflective journey through the stories and experiences and experiments of these new relationships that our characters are embarking upon."

Topaz Adizes, Julia Gorbach and Carla Tramullas talk about The Skin Deep + Murmur's 2017 Digital Story Telling Contest winning piece, The Dig (Immersive Storytelling, first prize).

THE EMMY AWARDS | {THE AND} Winner for New Approaches to Documentary 2015